15/20/25/30/80/90/100lb Multi-function Leg Resistance Bands Home Fitness Strength Training Pilates Flexbands

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Product Description:

  • RUNNING TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Ideal for all athletes that are looking for improving their leg strength, agility, speed endurance, flexibility and overall balance.
  • DURABLE LEG RESISTANCE BANDS - three pairs of high quality leg resistance bands together with two straps with paddings for strength building workout of your legs and hips - Suitable for both beginners and pro's as the different weights provides different levels of resistance.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply remove both of the velcro leg straps and place them one inch above your knees. Secure the longer leg resistance bands to the front metal rings and the shorter leg resistance bands to the back metal rings.
  • LEG BANDS KIT – resistance bands set with a leg resistance carry bag for convenient transportation and on-the-go agility and resistance training.

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  • Material: Latex Tube + Neoprene Padding
  • Size (Inner diameter x Outer diameter x Length): Red Band: 5mmx9mmx26cm; Green Band: 5mmx10mmx28cm

Package included:

Type 3: 100lbs: 2 x Red Bands 20lbs; 2 x Green Bands 30lbs; 2 x Straps; 1 x Storage Bag