It all started when everyone started panicking about COVID 19 during the month of March 2020. With the number of cases rising like Tsunami waves across the world, countries facing all kinds of emergency, I saw everyone buying face masks, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and all other types of gadgets/devices to protect from viruses.

After couple of weeks, I realized that nowadays mobile phones are the most used gadgets by everyone across the globe. Almost everyone has a smartphone using it most of the time they are awake. Hence the most common surface where viruses can accumulate often is on Mobiles which we should actually take utmost care to avoid getting sick during these terrible times.

On this thought, I bought a UV Sterilizer box for sanitizing my mobile phones at home. It an excellent quality product working superbly from day one. I have been using it for sanitizing mobile phones, face masks, keys, credit cards, wallet, handkerchief, etc. After using of couple of weeks, I started discussing about it with everyone and came to know that most of the people (my family, friends and neighbors) are not aware of this fact that Mobiles phones are the main source to catch deadly viruses now.

I would like to create this awareness so that everyone takes utmost care to avoid getting sick. I found this store “ Top Shoppers For You “ which is selling UV Sterilizer boxes at a very reasonable rates. The product quality is good and reliable. You should also take a look and decide on buying it, so that I can save yourself and your family members from viruses that get carried into the house thru our mobile phones.